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Best gift for a new Mom – MOM Blah

Best gift for a new Mom

The best gift for a new mom has to be a Coffee machine. It’s always the sleep pattern that is most affected for every new mom and what they need is a hot mug of coffee first thing and that too freshly brewed. Makes coffee under a minute and a coffee machine that is easy to operate.

With more than 100,000 user ratings on Keurig Coffee machines, this has to be the best choice for all new moms out there.

best gift for New Moms

8 Reasons why Keurig Coffee Machine is best gift for New Moms

  1. A new mom needs coffee freshly brewed and in few seconds.
  2. Thinking about instant soup or oatmeal? Use the hot water button.
  3. Big 75oz water reservoir, removable too. Helps a lot for a busy mom.
  4. Brews a Strong and intense cup of coffee.
  5. Brew hot or enjoy cold iced coffee, full-flavored and delicious coffee.
  6. 5 Cup Sizes starting from 4, 6, 8, 10, 12oz
  7. Less than 1 minute brew time. Enjoy a fresh brewed coffee.
  8. Energy saver with programmable auto on/off

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