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2 Baby carriers – Baby Wrap or Baby Carrier? – MOM Blah

2 Baby carriers – Baby Wrap or Baby Carrier?

So what should you choose a baby wrap or a strong baby carrier? Well the answer is pretty simple. Both.

Baby Wrap or Carriers are a must have for all new moms. And, there are many to choose from. Below I have listed their advantages. In the end I list out the top 2 Baby Wrap/Carriers that are regarded the best baby carriers by users ratings.

Reasons for using Baby Wrap:

  1. Complete comfort for the new born.
  2. Keep the infant close to you in comfy position
  3. Easy to breastfeed with handsfree
  4. Safe and secure with breathable cotton fabric
  5. Looks stylish even for functions / weddings etc.

Reasons for using Baby Carrier:

  1. Baby wrap is good for the infant but after a certain age and weight it is better to shift to a strong Baby Carrier.
  2. Padded lumbar back support as the baby gains weight.
  3. Good for the curious baby which starts to explore the world outside.
  4. Ability to wear as front and back with position of baby inward or outward.
  5. Strong and washable.

The reason why you need both is, as the baby is infant, a baby wrap is much better. A baby carrier is recommended for a toddler which can handle baby weight till 45 lbs. or 18 to 20 kgs.

Among the thousands of ratings and reviews these are the top Baby Wrap and Baby Carrier shortlisted for you.

Baby K’tan One of the best Baby Wraps

Best Baby Carrier with lumbar support

Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support. One of the best Baby Carrier


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