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How to Darken Your Baby’s Room – Blackout Curtains – MOM Blah

How to Darken Your Baby’s Room – Blackout Curtains

It’s been proven that a darker room helps babies to sleep better and longer. It is also important that the lighting doesn’t change while the baby sleeps. Making the baby sleep in darker environment regularly also triggers the feeling in the baby that it is time to sleep.

Obviously it’s easy at night, but what about daytime? Blackout curtains to the rescue.

You can use curtains to completely make the room darker and comfortable for the babies. There are many options to choose from. From a simple $18 black curtain to high-end, longer and full wall curtains with double layer and thermal insulated curtains that also come with rod pocket.

Below are the top 3 blackout curtains based on the 100,000’s of user ratings. These are among the best curtains that you can get in different price points.

blackout curtains for babies dark room

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